Importance of an ID Card Reel Belt Clip

Every job requires employees to wear identification cards. This is mandatory for employment to determine whether you truly work for that company. It must be worn and should be visible at all times for employee security purposes such as getting through parking gates and doors. Thus, users need an ID card reel belt clip to facilitate easy access to office card readers.

Identification cards range from magnetic or smart key cards or a strapped badge with a photo and name. Companies often issue card reels to employees; however, these office products are mostly not long enough or of low quality. Thus, one needs a reliable ID card reel belt clip that can be attached to a belt loop and give users the extra reach.

The following are the importance of using this office product in employee security and convenience:

  • Users have the ability to keep their ID cards clipped to their belts. This office product is a great alternative to the traditional ID strap that is worn around the neck. The ID card reel belt clip allows the users to punch the clock in or out using the ID card without having to unclip it. This offers great convenience especially when one has the need to swipe a card reader machine mounted on the wall so frequently.

    • It is able to hold not just access cards but also office keys. The cord is long enough to allow using it even if the holder is attached to rear pockets. In addition, the spring mechanism works perfectly for hassle-free retractions.


      • The ID card reel belt clip securely hooks onto clothing, backpacks or purses. Thus, users can carry and attach it almost anywhere.

      Employee security is of utmost importance to offices and companies. That is why ID cards are necessary to determine one’s identity to access the building. For added convenience, use Baumgartens ID card reel belt clip. This office product is retractable and extends 30″ for easy scanning or swiping of cards.