Benefits of Using Printable DVD-Rs in the Office

Are you bored of using the same looking generic CDs in the office? Printable DVD-R offers a new way
of customizing compact discs. Writing on DVDs or CDs or printing paper labels then applying them to a
disc is a thing of the past. If one wishes a more professional approach in office organizing, then using this
wholesale office supply is a good way to label a handful of discs.

A printable DVD-R is designed for use in special CD/DVD inkjet printers, thermal printers or for custom
silk screening. It is made with an inkjet ink permeable coating on the upper, non-recording surface of the
DVD which allows users to perform printings onto the discs directly. When this wholesale office supply
is inserted into a suitable inkjet printer, it will be capable of reproducing appropriate text and pictures.
This creates an improved technique in office organizing because the files stored on the discs can be
identified much easier.

The following are the benefits of using printable DVD-Rs in the office:

Affordable. Printing directly onto DVDs and CDs is cheaper than having to buy both discs and labels.
Although one must own a special printer to print on discs, it still a more practical option because printers are essential in the office anyway.

Easy to Use. Users can create professional label on discs easily and quickly by directly printing on them.
This provides a better way of office organizing because it is much easier than having to manually place
labels on discs.

Secure. Sticker labels can peel and cause damages to the surface of the discs and player mechanisms,
which then compromise the stored data. However, printing directly onto DVDs and CDs is more secure
and reliable regardless of storage conditions.

Printing on DVDs really has a lot of advantages in the office. Remember to purchase a high quality
brand like the Maxell Corp. printable DVD-Rs. This wholesale
office supply is printable from center to edge on white matte surface and offers high-capacity storage at