Organize your desk using a cup carrier

Papers, notes, pens, pins and stamps are the usual things that clutter the desk. These wholesale office supplies usually make the life of an employee more difficult especially when in a hurry. An organized desk is important not only for a cleaner and polished look, but also to leave a good impression on your boss and clients. There are many office products available in wholesale office supply stores that will keep your desk organized. On top of these supplies is the cup carrier.

Cup Carrier Characteristics

Convenient- A cup can serve as your scissors and pen holder; especially when your desk doesn’t have a drawer. Putting it within your reach makes it easier for you to take your pen when signing papers.  Additionally, it does not take much space on your desk.

Spacious – The cups in the carrier can hold differing wholesale office supplies. It can likewise be used to segregate supplies such as stamps, rulers, pins, and paper clips.

Stylish – It can add a quirky touch on your workstation. The brightened color of each cup and the carrier livens up your dull and boring desk.

Portable – The cup carrier not only holds the cups in place, it can likewise be carried anywhere in the office. So when you need to carry and distribute pens or pins on your meeting; or you have to make decorations for a company event, you can easily carry your items with you.

A simple cup carrier can do wonders in keeping your desk and your work organized.