Using Booklet Envelope for Mailing High Volume Documents

There is really that time of the month or year when everyone in the office is just dead busy. During the end of the fiscal year, taxation period and even on the end of the month, endless reports have to be made and sent to officers, management and clients. This is a crucial time when no document has to be missed or a single detail left out. However, sending out and mailing volumes after volumes of papers can be troublesome. An office supply such as a booklet envelope becomes handy in this situation. They make mailing of high volume documents easier and in one go.

•    The envelope is durable and made of 24lb white wove material. So you wouldn’t have to worry about it getting ripped even if you inserted a hundred of papers inside. The paper is also gummed seal, so a quick lick or applying a little moisture will do the sealing effectively.

•    The width of 6”x9” also gives you enough space to insert not only documents, but also catalogues, direct mails, brochures and other promotional materials. This office supply is all-purpose.

•    Open side construction makes it easier for inserting and retrieval of materials inside the envelope. Its white color also allows users to clearly label and print the surface with the name and address of the recipient. In addition, it gives out a professional look while keeping confidentiality.

Remember, when you need to send out high volume documents, using booklet envelope is more convenient.