Using Report Card Jackets for Confidential Document Releases

Few documents and reports in the office are considered confidential. This means that only a handful of employees are allowed to have access on said files. Restricted company files include client accounts, bank transactions, insurance, employee profile, and medical records. These files are often inserted in report card jackets when released to keep its contents away from unauthorized personnel.

Three Reasons why a File is Considered Confidential

  1. The information must be kept secret. Bank statements or medical results should only be accessed by concerned parties. Work etiquette requires that these records are released only to authorized personnel. You might have noticed that when you took medical files in the hospital, the file was enclosed in a report card jacket.
  2. It has significant commercial value to be kept a secret. Other than monetary amount for investments, there are also other things that may affect a business’ sales and profits. Customers names, addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers are not meant to be disclosed. Also, the “secret recipe” of a company should remain classified. These things are integral to the company and maybe deemed useful to competitors when exposed.
  3. The person has reason to keep it a secret. When a client has taken precautionary steps to keep everything disclosed, then the business is also bound to keep it as such. A person has its own reason to keep it confidential. Therefore, going against the wishes of its clients defies work ethics.

Therefore, using office supplies like report card jackets are ideal when releasing confidential documents. These are heavy-duty and can carry up to 32 lbs of paper. The thumb cut design also provides easy insertion and retrieval of materials while maintaining privacy.