Tips on Creating Permanent Lines on a White Board

A whiteboard is a helpful tool for organizing thoughts and schedules in the office. This office product is used for writing ideas when brainstorming or sharing valuable information. Others also use it as a calendar or a chart to put all the important events within a day or a week to keep organized. Thus, many find it useful for whiteboards to have permanent lines created by various office supplies including permanent markers.

Permanent lines on a whiteboard are very efficient when listing pending jobs, announcements and staff schedules. It keeps everything in order and avoids confusing busy employees by organizing thoughts and schedules they ought to follow.

Here are some office supplies that can be used in creating permanent lines on a whiteboard:

  • Permanent Markers. With a straightedge or yardstick, make straight and permanent lines using black or colored markers. Create thicker lines by applying the marker several times on the board. These markers will permanently stain the board and leave lines that cannot be washed off.
  • Electrical Tape. Another effective way is to use a colored electrical tape to create permanent lines on a white board. Since the tape is permanent, it cannot be wiped away by the eraser. However, the lines can be moved by replacing the tape so one can still reorganize the lines on the board.
  • Scoring. With the help of a metal straightedge or yardstick, one can also score the board with a razor to create parallel and permanent lines. Users can also apply permanent markers into the lines to make them more distinct.

These office supplies are truly helpful in creating an effective whiteboard for organizing thoughts and schedules. Remember to purchase high quality markers like the Avery Consumer Products permanent marker. This marker has a durable bullet tip that writes on almost any surface including cardboard, metal and plastic.