How to Remove and Replace Mylar Sheets?

Multifunction printers like the HP LaserJet CM4730 do require proper maintenance and replacement of its consumables to work well. A toner cartridge is required when it is toner supply is low. A new drum is needed when it has reached its cycle. And a Mylar sheet replacement is insisted when the existing no longer functions properly.

How to Properly Remove and Replace Mylar Sheets?
Safety Measures:
Proper handling of the clear Mylar sheet must be observed. Only touch its edges because the appearance of finger prints on the Mylar sheet surface can cause copy quality defects when scanning from the ADF.

Removing the Mylar Sheet

  1. Open the ADF or scanner assembly.
  2. Release the 2 tabs located at the top and bottom section of the ADF delivery-guide cover.
  3. Gently unhook the clear Mylar sheet from the 4 tabs lying on the ADF delivery-guide cover.
  4. Remove the Mylar sheet.

Optional. Pull off the ADF delivery-guide cover hinges from the hinge pins to take off the cover.

Replacing the Mylar Sheet

  1. Align the Mylar sheet notch with the round pin that is positioned on the holder.
  2. Store the envelope containing the Mylar sheets under the ADF while, vinyl scan background.
  3. Reinstall the ADF delivery-guide cover and its components.
  4. Close the ADF or scanner assembly.

Removing and replacing the Mylar sheets designed for HP ColorLaserJet CM4730 printer use is practically easy and can be done in 10 minutes tops. However, it is extremely important to handle this wholesale office supply properly to avoid defects when scanning.

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