Keep Your Files Organized and Secure with a Press Board Folder

Hundreds of documents are moving in and out of the office every day. Documents include reports, files, drafts, bills, notes, and letters. Some of these are forwarded to other employees. Others are released and delivered to other offices. And quite a few are needed to be archived and stashed in filing cabinets for reference and record keeping. Files which are kept are important documents, thus, a proper and secure organizing system is necessary. Offices commonly used a pressboard folder to store these files.

Pressboard Folder Features

It is ideal for keeping multiple documents.

Pressboard folders are usually used for easy labeling and classification of documents. Unlike other wholesale supplies, this type of folder has more pockets. This allows offices to separate files under the same name or label. Locating records of a certain Mr. Smith is made easier. Time spent in finding records is lessened.

It is Durable.

Its material is sturdy and can withstand the test of time. Also, its 2 expandable Tyvek gussets makes it resilient against tearing even when loaded with heavy files. The gussets are pleasing to the eye since the color matches with the folder color.

It can be recycled.

The entire pressboard folder is made of 60% recyclable materials, 10% of which came from post-consumer materials. This allows offices to participate in the worldwide campaign of using environment-friendly supplies.

Only the use of a pressboard folder will enable offices to keep important documents and records for a lengthy period. It is durable, multifunctional, eco-friendly, and ready available in wholesale office supply stores.