Different types of Vellum Paper for Different Uses

Vellum paper is a modern replacement for the traditional piece that was made of animal skin. Today, it is developed through plasticized cotton but has the same appearance and texture of the traditional vellum. Vellum paper has many different uses and is utilized by different people in school, office, construction sites and other businesses. However, you can’t just use any vellum paper for your need. The use is dependent on ones need or specificity in type, size and paper style.

Crafting – In schools, vellum is use to teach middle school and high school students in basic sketching techniques. Its thin and translucent quality is also ideal for tracing images from books and other materials. These traces are later use for crafting.

Drafting – Architects and engineers use vellum for layouts, blue prints and other drawings. Some businesses also use this paper to draw their office floor plans. Homeowners utilize this paper for kitchen layout and remodeling. Vellum pads with grid and Vellum title block pad are commonly used in this area.

Printing – Vellum is also an important office supply. These are use to print using inkjets and laser printers, planners, and xerographic plotters. However, drafting vellum paper is not made to be printed on. In fact, vellum for inkjet and laser printers or plotters has specific and special coating for each use. The paper use for printing is usually in rolls, sheets and pads that has no grid or preprinted.

Vellum paper has many uses and types. Therefore, it is important to know which one to buy for your need. If you are drafting temporary of final engineering or architectural drawings, then Vellum title block pad is ideal. It is preprinted and formatted so any information about the plans can be written on the same paper.