Unique Uses of Mini Markers

Markers are commonly use in the office and classrooms. These come in many different colors and are utilize in papers and white boards. These office supplies are quick drying and can mark permanently. Users can choose from a variety of colors and types of tips – fine and chisel.  In the past, these markers contain toxic properties that are harmful to the environment. However today, nontoxic ones are available and widely used. Other than colors and tips, mini markers also became a trend. These office products are much easier to carry around and have more uses than you can expect.

Accessory – No need to put them into your bag; these mini markers can be attach on your bag, key chains and even lanyards. So once the need for a marker presents itself, you can easily take it out and start marking.

Fill scratches – Is your desk and cabinet full of scruffs and scratches? Fill them in using mini markers of the same or closer color. But not only do they make scruffs on furniture invisible, they can also make your shoes and car look more polished.

Remove red eyes in photos – There times when a photo can be ruined because of the creepy red eyes. Get rid of them by using black markers. This trick saves you more time than editing.

Crafting – Update your office walls and furniture by doing simple DIY crafts and using mini markers for colors and details. Crafting materials such as stencils and a kick of creativity is all you need.

Mini markers were not only designed for boards and papers. You can do a number of unexpected things with them!

Importance of an ID Card Reel Belt Clip

Every job requires employees to wear identification cards. This is mandatory for employment to determine whether you truly work for that company. It must be worn and should be visible at all times for employee security purposes such as getting through parking gates and doors. Thus, users need an ID card reel belt clip to facilitate easy access to office card readers.

Identification cards range from magnetic or smart key cards or a strapped badge with a photo and name. Companies often issue card reels to employees; however, these office products are mostly not long enough or of low quality. Thus, one needs a reliable ID card reel belt clip that can be attached to a belt loop and give users the extra reach.

The following are the importance of using this office product in employee security and convenience:

  • Users have the ability to keep their ID cards clipped to their belts. This office product is a great alternative to the traditional ID strap that is worn around the neck. The ID card reel belt clip allows the users to punch the clock in or out using the ID card without having to unclip it. This offers great convenience especially when one has the need to swipe a card reader machine mounted on the wall so frequently.

    • It is able to hold not just access cards but also office keys. The cord is long enough to allow using it even if the holder is attached to rear pockets. In addition, the spring mechanism works perfectly for hassle-free retractions.


      • The ID card reel belt clip securely hooks onto clothing, backpacks or purses. Thus, users can carry and attach it almost anywhere.

      Employee security is of utmost importance to offices and companies. That is why ID cards are necessary to determine one’s identity to access the building. For added convenience, use Baumgartens ID card reel belt clip. This office product is retractable and extends 30″ for easy scanning or swiping of cards.

      How to Do a Quick Inventory of Office Supplies?

      Office supplies take a big chunk of monthly expenses in the workplace yet it cannot be cut back because these are vital in the overall business operation. In order to manage the flow of supplies, the management can come up with an inventory system. Actual count of supplies is the best way to do but it is tedious and time-consuming. Alternatively, the use of spreadsheets and clipboards to monitor the office supplies is a good approach.

      If it is your first time to do an inventory on office supplies, the following steps will help ease the task at hand.

      1. Check the previous records.  It is important purchases made are recorded. An inventory always begins with the checking of supply records. Without it, expenses may just be thrown outbalanced. Not knowing which supplies are frequently purchased and which is constantly consumed will have you and your office supplies record at a loss.
      2. Separate supplies. Categorizing supplies helps the run-down easier and faster. Separate supplies like papers, printer supplies, fasteners and writing equipment. In bigger companies, using UPC codes or product numbers are basis for the inventory. 
      3. Record item and number available. If you are using software for your inventory; bring your laptop or computer with you. In smaller companies and those who need to walk around for recording, using spreadsheets in plastic clipboards are customary. 
      4. Take note of the frequency of orders. As mentioned, it is important to know which supply is frequently consumed as well as how long supplies can be delivered. This will give you the idea of when to order before office supplies are exhausted.
      5. Add notes for future orders. Controlling the number of supplies depends on the level of preorders. How fast the consummation of supply will give you the hint. This way, no supplies will be less or more.

      Doing quick inventory of your office supplies has to be done constantly. Don’t forget to account your inventory to check your expenses. Once done, keep your spreadsheets in a durable clipboard in a secured cabinet for future use.

      Multi-Purpose Scissors: Why Do Homes And Offices Need One?

      Home and office activities are poles apart. They may differ extremely. But one thing common for both is the need of a multi-purpose scissor.

      The office needs it. Office activities will have room for a multi-purpose scissor. Although, cutters abound, scissors can be exploited to do better. Cutting paper is one; cutters are only effective on straight cut but are poor finishers in curved cuts. There are other office works that needs the savvy of multi-purpose scissors.

      The home as well cannot be deprived of it. Homes will have full use of scissors, because of the varied activities much more compared to offices. Use can range from cutting table cloths, to paper napkins and even veggies. There is really no limit to what multi-purpose scissors can do around the home.

      The many use of a multi-purpose scissor. It can be used to cut anything from papers to fine strand copper or steel wires. But handy to cut through tape, gift wrap, rope, twine, boxes, most packaging, canvas, plastic and many others. Some scissor design allows it to be taken apart and doubles as knife.

      Think of an all around office product and a multi-purpose scissor will be it. A multi-purpose scissor is a convenient version of an all-in-one. Some have sheaths that can be opened to reveal a sharpener, a letter or even a bottle opener. A purchase of one offers the user the opportunity to use it on almost anything.

      Make your next visit to the wholesale office supply depot fruitful. Pick the best multipurpose scissors from among those available.

      Organizing Manuals Using Binding Method

      An office desk is an important office furniture. Sending in and out of paperwork and other workloads are happening here everyday. That is why keeping it organize and clutter-free is essential. Setting up the usual supplies like pens and pencils in a holder and keeping the input and output trays for documents and reports do the tricks for efficient workflow. However, how do you organize things that you seldom use in the office but important to keep? Instruction manuals are relevant in the office especially for troubleshooting software and equipment; although they are not as often used. Organized instruction manuals can be of great help when the time comes. And there are 2 ways of keeping them in good condition.  (1) Using a filing cabinet or a box. (2) The binding method. If your office is small or you have no space in a cabinet or box, then the binding method is as effective in keeping them in place. Here are the steps of binding manuals using a top load sheet protector.

      1.    Pile up all the instruction manuals you need or have on your desk.

      2.    Categorize them depending on your preference. For instance, computer and printer manuals should be together; or projectors and audio systems.

      3.    Insert the manuals in the top load sheet protector. Make sure that there are more rooms for additional sheets in case you need them in the future. If the manuals are too thick, you can use more than one protector.

      4.    Label each binder with the name of the manuals for easy reference.

      5.    Keep them in your desk drawer or any convenient place where you can easily take them out when needed.

      Organizing instructions manuals in the office using the binding method become handier in times of need. And with the use of an office product like a top load sheet protector, your manuals will even last longer.

      Why Use A Storage Clipboard for Keeping Sensitive Information?

      Choosing the right office product can be a little tricky. They have to be useful in increasing productivity; if not regulate work flow. But perhaps protecting and keeping sensitive information needs the most reliable and durable product such as a storage clipboard. Found in many wholesale office supply store, it comes in many variations, designs and colors. But of many products, why use a storage clipboard for keeping sensitive information? Below are just some of the reasons.

      It provides better security – Unlike other types of clipboard, the storage type comes with a keylock. In addition, it does not only secure the documents from the outside, but also from inside. Storage clipboard features include high-tension clip for holding documents on front, interior belts with hook-and-loop closure to prevent the papers from moving around and disorganizing during travel.

      Documents and other belongings are organized – You don’t have to worry if your documents are a little bulky, because the roomy internal storage compartment can accommodate documents just fine. Other belongings such as pens, organizers, and other office supplies can be kept inside the mesh organizer pockets. In addition, it has key hole on the back enables to allow users to hang them on the wall. So you no longer have to put them on the ground and risk scratches.

      It is durable – Made of chrome steel-reinforced corners and aluminum trim the storage clipboard offers durable and solid protection to whatever stored inside. It also has a shoulder strap to make it more comfortable and easier to carry around.

      Using storage clipboard for storing sensitive information does not only offer protection, it also offers great features in an affordable price.

      Folder With Fastener Keeps Your Documents In Order

      If you want to put all files secure and in order, stash it inside folders with fasteners. Folders streamline your filing system: Folders have become indispensable in the office. Related documents are placed inside and filed. Or when documents are numerous, not only are they grouped separately but are treated on a daily basis. This means a file folder intended for Monday, Tuesday and so on. A system must be followed to make retrieval of files as easy as possible. For instance, files must be thoroughly decipherable so even files a year old can be taken out conveniently.

      Folders with fasteners make it all secure: Folders are office products that keep documents already organized. But if fasteners are infused into the folders, it gives more security to documents. Typically documents stashed into folders are loose-leafed. The chance for documents to be lost is great during transit. Fasteners are designed to offer relief and avoid the inconvenience. Beside security to the files, fastener’s puts order surreptitiously.

      Some types available in wholesale office supplies can hold up to a half-inch thick punch holed documents: The material used on folders are of the embossed paper stock type, so it is strong enough to hold several punched holed letter-sized (8 ½” x 11”) documents. Other features include two pockets to provide haven for separate loose-leaf documents. Front covers has the title embossed and are devised to hold a die-cut business card holder.

      Next time you need to file documents insist on a folder with fastener. You will get to experience the benefits of a regular folder plus the security to put the files in order.

      File Express Case helps proper filing and securing of confidential documents

      Confidential documents need to filed and secured. Proper handling of this specific file is necessary because the information contained is very important. Common types of confidential documents include property titles, contract deals, employee information, and business strategies. Sensitive files like these usually face the possibility of physical damage due to wear and tear. Certain preventive measures can be followed in order to keep its makeup. Usually, these files are placed inside a file express case.

      What is a file express case?
      A file express case is designed with a complementing attribute of a briefcase. It has expanding file folders, which allows users to put multiple files. It also has a black plastic handle that allows users to easily carry the files from one place to the other without inflicting damage to the document. It has a sleek panel cover which sets a professional vibe. It usually has more than 12 pockets with pre-printed indexes divided into subjects or letters (A to Z) for easy sorting and labeling. Additionally, the handle and panel cover are normally made of plastic and fiberboard which indicates that it is durable and will definitely keep confidential files intact. Furthermore, it comes with a security feature that ensures that files can only be accessed by those permitted. Normally, a twisted combination lock serves as a protection.

      With the file express case, you won’t be worrying about keeping confidential files intact because it is equipped with all the features needed. Plus, you are ensured that files cannot be opened easily because of its security feature.

      How to Categorized Urgent Files Effectively

      It is understandable that a person could suddenly misplace something when he is too busy. However, it is entirely unacceptable no matter how valid the reasons if you forget to do a task that is urgently needed. Apparently, that’s a strike to your boss and performance. Stacking files and paper on your desk not only leads to mounds of clutter but also confusion. It is important that you have an organize system to help you perform your work well. As such, you can segregate urgent files from papers for filing.

      Use color coding. Create a filing system of your own by stacking and filing papers through color codes.  Files would be easier to recognize from to the other. Use office products like colored trays and decide which color will represent specific files. For instance, red tray is for urgent documents. Yellow tray is for papers that needs revision. And blue tray is for papers that need to be filed.

      Use stamps with clear markings. Fortunately, there are products specifically made to help organize office space and improve productivity. “Priority” and “for filing” are some text marks that office personnel can use to differentiate one file to another. Simply imprint a file with the correct mark text once received. Office personnel who stack files on desks can benefit from this product. By simply 

      Finishing urgent files could really mean crunch time. However, effective time management and proper categorizing of your tasks lessen the pressure. Office supplies such as shachihata ink for your stamps, might come in handy anytime.

      Organizing Ideas for Mobile Office

      Everything should be accessible. This is the first rule when organizing your mobile office. Your car is your workplace. Thus, everything you need should be available. Since you have a limited space in the car, it is necessary to maximize the area by placing only the essentials. 

      What You Can do
      Set up mobile electronics. Include a laptop and mobile phone. These devices are important for communicating and organizing work-related transactions. Cloud-based gadgets can also be added. These will come in handy during virtual conferences with the clients or company employees. Additionally, a GPS can be installed to assist you when you are unfamiliar with the location you are heading.

      Use an organizer bag. Admit it; there are just a lot of files, tabs, notes, phone numbers and bank statements that should be put in one place. A file organizer that you could carry around is very essential. Other than your electronic equipment (laptop and mobile phone), it is the most important companion you have when dealing businesses; since it carries important documents and presentations. Office products such as a planner or organizer to set up appointments are also indispensable.

      Your mobile office should function likely with your permanent office. It should not limit you will all the activities and transactions you would have to deal with. However, you must ensure that your mobile office space is organized because the area is limited. Manage your electronics and use a handy but sturdy  file organizer to keep all portfolios and paperwork in place.