Organized Filing and Document Storage Using a Clearvue binder

Binder is a heavy-duty school and office supply. It can keep thicker volumes of documents intact, which makes it ideal for organizing different kinds of files. However, not all binders are appropriate for document storage. Some are prone to cracks, tears or splits. The office is a place where stacks after stacks of archives are kept. To keep important business records from decaying, clearvue binders are usually used. 

Non-stick property. Due to humid and temperature changes, some inserted documents and photos especially inserted in plastics tend to stick on the cover. This accelerates the deterioration of product quality. Clearvue binder on the other hand is made of materials that extend the cover’s life. Thus, prevents any inserted materials from sticking.

Split and Tear-resistant. The office supply components are far stronger than binders made out of vinyl and plastic. Therefore, do not expect to see its seam split, or its hinge tear.

Cold-crack tested – Heat damages files, and so does cold. Storing materials and archives requires proper control of temperature. However, not all businesses can afford such equipment. Fortunately, this type of binder is not only tear –resistant, but also resists cracks. It was cold-crack tested on an extreme temperature of negative 50 degrees Fahrenheit (-45 degrees Celsius) and was still able to hold.

Holds 25% more materials than the usual – With a size of 11″x8-1/2″, there is no question why can hold more number of materials compared to others. What makes it also possible is its locking slant-D shaped rings feature.

The features mentioned above is what makes the Clearvue binder an ideal office supply not only for organizing files but also  materials storage.