Dry Erase Marker: Why Is It A Better Alternative?

It used to be a blackboard, chalk, and eraser. Today, most learning facilities use whiteboards and dry erase markers.

Whiteboards have replaced the traditional blackboards: In the past, learning the fundamentals had always relied on blackboards. Chalk is the main writing instrument to relay the miles of lessons for students to understand. However, all are temporary. A tested system will have its glory and eventually die a natural death when something better appears. Such was the fate of blackboards when whiteboards were developed and made available at wholesale office supplies stores.

Dry erase markers are better alternatives: While chalk is cheap, it could not deliver the quality that dry erase markers could. The colors that chalks provide are very few, while dry erase markers are almost unlimited. Besides, one will need sufficient effort to leave chalk marks on the blackboard. And erasures leave ghost images even with the most inventive chalk eraser around.

Dry erase markers are user-friendly: The reason chalks had lost its appeal is due to health related issues. Airborne chalk residue from erasure is found to cause allergic reactions. It affects the respiratory system that could lead to asthma and other related health emergencies. Dry erase markers are different; (1) it is low-odor and non toxic: (2) erasures do not leave behind ink dust and fumes: (3) marks wipes-off easily with dry cloth. Cleaning is several times easier than chalk marks.

Remember, the dry erase marker is applicable to all non porous surfaces. This writing instrument is a better alternative because it can be used on glass surfaces, metal, porcelain and several others not just on whiteboards.