D-Ring Binders: Add security to your files

The only reason ring binders are popular is it can keep documents securely. The possibility for filed documents to slip out is nil.

D-ring binders are designed mostly with three rings. These are called as such because the rings resemble the letter ‘D’ of the alphabet.  It is different from most kinds that are built with ‘O’ rings; although both are produced for a similar purpose, to hold loose-leaf documents. The rings are heavy duty to withstand repeated use. Most are designed to be durable with longevity to last definitely with the stored files.

The secret behind the D-ring binder is the mechanism attached to the rings. Springs built into the mechanism triggers easy opening or closing of the rings. When the rings are opened, documents with punched holes are slipped through; then the rings are shut closed securing the documents. Users can read through the files like a book. Or, filed documents can be retrieved easily by just opening the rings and freeing each out.  The same process is used conveniently in returning the document to the binder.
Like most wholesale office supplies, D-rings binders are developed from 100% recyclable materials. The process of manufacture is eco-friendly since no VOCC’s  (volatile organic compounds) are used. It will never be a hazard to health or become eyesores in landfills and dumpsites. In addition, continued production of ring binders is not a threat to our reserves. Since materials used in the process comprise as much as 70% from post-consumer products.
Next time you need to reorganize the filing system, use the D-ring binders