Unique Uses of Mini Markers

Markers are commonly use in the office and classrooms. These come in many different colors and are utilize in papers and white boards. These office supplies are quick drying and can mark permanently. Users can choose from a variety of colors and types of tips – fine and chisel.  In the past, these markers contain toxic properties that are harmful to the environment. However today, nontoxic ones are available and widely used. Other than colors and tips, mini markers also became a trend. These office products are much easier to carry around and have more uses than you can expect.

Accessory – No need to put them into your bag; these mini markers can be attach on your bag, key chains and even lanyards. So once the need for a marker presents itself, you can easily take it out and start marking.

Fill scratches – Is your desk and cabinet full of scruffs and scratches? Fill them in using mini markers of the same or closer color. But not only do they make scruffs on furniture invisible, they can also make your shoes and car look more polished.

Remove red eyes in photos – There times when a photo can be ruined because of the creepy red eyes. Get rid of them by using black markers. This trick saves you more time than editing.

Crafting – Update your office walls and furniture by doing simple DIY crafts and using mini markers for colors and details. Crafting materials such as stencils and a kick of creativity is all you need.

Mini markers were not only designed for boards and papers. You can do a number of unexpected things with them!