Product Feature: Acme Antimicrobial Scissor Caddy

Keeping sharp objects out of children’s reach can be a daunting task. Common household items like scissors should be properly kept to avoid accidents and injuries. Homemakers can’t afford leaving these things just lying around and contributing to the mess. Maintaining a clutter free home is essential to comfortable living.

Keep scissors organized and promote safety with the reliable Acme Antimicrobial Scissor Caddy.

Maintaining order and cleanliness at home is definitely a necessity. That is why homemakers should only purchase products that are truly functional and high-quality. The following are the features of the Acme Antimicrobial Scissor Caddy, which makes it a must-have in every home.

Antimicrobial protection. It comes formulated with a built-in antimicrobial protection that provides an added level of cleanliness by inhibiting the uncontrolled growth of microbes. This is especially important to children considering how sensitive they are to illnesses and infections. Antimicrobial protection fights stains and odor-causing bacteria to promote not just safety but also good health.

Removable. It features 4 removable cups. This offers versatility because a cup can be carried around and placed on another surface such as tables, desks, or shelves.

 Colorful.This caddy does not only maintain a clutter free home, but is also designed to be trendy. The colorful cups make it fun and easily noticeable.

The Acme Antimicrobial Scissor Caddy is efficiently designed for easy storage and scissor distribution.  Truly, this item is necessary to maintain a safe and clutter free home.