How to Categorized Urgent Files Effectively

It is understandable that a person could suddenly misplace something when he is too busy. However, it is entirely unacceptable no matter how valid the reasons if you forget to do a task that is urgently needed. Apparently, that’s a strike to your boss and performance. Stacking files and paper on your desk not only leads to mounds of clutter but also confusion. It is important that you have an organize system to help you perform your work well. As such, you can segregate urgent files from papers for filing.

Use color coding. Create a filing system of your own by stacking and filing papers through color codes.  Files would be easier to recognize from to the other. Use office products like colored trays and decide which color will represent specific files. For instance, red tray is for urgent documents. Yellow tray is for papers that needs revision. And blue tray is for papers that need to be filed.

Use stamps with clear markings. Fortunately, there are products specifically made to help organize office space and improve productivity. “Priority” and “for filing” are some text marks that office personnel can use to differentiate one file to another. Simply imprint a file with the correct mark text once received. Office personnel who stack files on desks can benefit from this product. By simply 

Finishing urgent files could really mean crunch time. However, effective time management and proper categorizing of your tasks lessen the pressure. Office supplies such as shachihata ink for your stamps, might come in handy anytime.