How to Do a Quick Inventory of Office Supplies?

Office supplies take a big chunk of monthly expenses in the workplace yet it cannot be cut back because these are vital in the overall business operation. In order to manage the flow of supplies, the management can come up with an inventory system. Actual count of supplies is the best way to do but it is tedious and time-consuming. Alternatively, the use of spreadsheets and clipboards to monitor the office supplies is a good approach.

If it is your first time to do an inventory on office supplies, the following steps will help ease the task at hand.

  1. Check the previous records.  It is important purchases made are recorded. An inventory always begins with the checking of supply records. Without it, expenses may just be thrown outbalanced. Not knowing which supplies are frequently purchased and which is constantly consumed will have you and your office supplies record at a loss.
  2. Separate supplies. Categorizing supplies helps the run-down easier and faster. Separate supplies like papers, printer supplies, fasteners and writing equipment. In bigger companies, using UPC codes or product numbers are basis for the inventory. 
  3. Record item and number available. If you are using software for your inventory; bring your laptop or computer with you. In smaller companies and those who need to walk around for recording, using spreadsheets in plastic clipboards are customary. 
  4. Take note of the frequency of orders. As mentioned, it is important to know which supply is frequently consumed as well as how long supplies can be delivered. This will give you the idea of when to order before office supplies are exhausted.
  5. Add notes for future orders. Controlling the number of supplies depends on the level of preorders. How fast the consummation of supply will give you the hint. This way, no supplies will be less or more.

Doing quick inventory of your office supplies has to be done constantly. Don’t forget to account your inventory to check your expenses. Once done, keep your spreadsheets in a durable clipboard in a secured cabinet for future use.