Increase File Storage Capacity with 2-Drawer File Cabinets

The storage capacity of any workstation will always end-up short.  In most cases the old files have to be discarded to provide storage for new files.  Some simply add more 2-drawer file cabinets, instead of disposing redundant files.

All workstations will never be free of burgeoning files. The storage capacity is only ample when workstations are new. But after a few weeks, storage problems will crop-up again.  The best option therefore is to discard the old to provide space for new files. However, sorting out files to discard is easier said than done. Nobody can really tell for sure how relevant a file will be for future transactions. To solve the predicament, 2-drawer file cabinets are added to work stations.

Two-drawer file cabinets are mobile additions to any work station. In fact, it is outfitted with rubber rollers for its mobility. In terms of physical appearance, the cabinet easily incorporates with existing office furniture. It is also designed with the same height and depth dimensions as the main worktable. In effect it will not stand out amidst a sea of furniture pieces. The importance however is quantified because it accommodates two layers of files. That is two file drawers actually placed one over the other. So every time a workstation needs additional file storage, the 2-file drawer can fill the void.
A 2-drawer file cabinet is not a run of the mill class of office products. Each is crafted to suit the workstation environment. The drawers are installed with ball-bearing slides to keep file storage and retrieval as convenient as possible. Drawer sizes normally follow legal or letter-size files.
Next time you need additional file storage capacity. Remember to add the 2-drawer file cabinet in your workstation. It is the best option available.