Why Use A Storage Clipboard for Keeping Sensitive Information?

Choosing the right office product can be a little tricky. They have to be useful in increasing productivity; if not regulate work flow. But perhaps protecting and keeping sensitive information needs the most reliable and durable product such as a storage clipboard. Found in many wholesale office supply store, it comes in many variations, designs and colors. But of many products, why use a storage clipboard for keeping sensitive information? Below are just some of the reasons.

It provides better security – Unlike other types of clipboard, the storage type comes with a keylock. In addition, it does not only secure the documents from the outside, but also from inside. Storage clipboard features include high-tension clip for holding documents on front, interior belts with hook-and-loop closure to prevent the papers from moving around and disorganizing during travel.

Documents and other belongings are organized – You don’t have to worry if your documents are a little bulky, because the roomy internal storage compartment can accommodate documents just fine. Other belongings such as pens, organizers, and other office supplies can be kept inside the mesh organizer pockets. In addition, it has key hole on the back enables to allow users to hang them on the wall. So you no longer have to put them on the ground and risk scratches.

It is durable – Made of chrome steel-reinforced corners and aluminum trim the storage clipboard offers durable and solid protection to whatever stored inside. It also has a shoulder strap to make it more comfortable and easier to carry around.

Using storage clipboard for storing sensitive information does not only offer protection, it also offers great features in an affordable price.