Unique Uses of Mini Markers

Markers are commonly use in the office and classrooms. These come in many different colors and are utilize in papers and white boards. These office supplies are quick drying and can mark permanently. Users can choose from a variety of colors and types of tips – fine and chisel.  In the past, these markers contain toxic properties that are harmful to the environment. However today, nontoxic ones are available and widely used. Other than colors and tips, mini markers also became a trend. These office products are much easier to carry around and have more uses than you can expect.

Accessory – No need to put them into your bag; these mini markers can be attach on your bag, key chains and even lanyards. So once the need for a marker presents itself, you can easily take it out and start marking.

Fill scratches – Is your desk and cabinet full of scruffs and scratches? Fill them in using mini markers of the same or closer color. But not only do they make scruffs on furniture invisible, they can also make your shoes and car look more polished.

Remove red eyes in photos – There times when a photo can be ruined because of the creepy red eyes. Get rid of them by using black markers. This trick saves you more time than editing.

Crafting – Update your office walls and furniture by doing simple DIY crafts and using mini markers for colors and details. Crafting materials such as stencils and a kick of creativity is all you need.

Mini markers were not only designed for boards and papers. You can do a number of unexpected things with them!

Using Report Card Jackets for Confidential Document Releases

Few documents and reports in the office are considered confidential. This means that only a handful of employees are allowed to have access on said files. Restricted company files include client accounts, bank transactions, insurance, employee profile, and medical records. These files are often inserted in report card jackets when released to keep its contents away from unauthorized personnel.

Three Reasons why a File is Considered Confidential

  1. The information must be kept secret. Bank statements or medical results should only be accessed by concerned parties. Work etiquette requires that these records are released only to authorized personnel. You might have noticed that when you took medical files in the hospital, the file was enclosed in a report card jacket.
  2. It has significant commercial value to be kept a secret. Other than monetary amount for investments, there are also other things that may affect a business’ sales and profits. Customers names, addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers are not meant to be disclosed. Also, the “secret recipe” of a company should remain classified. These things are integral to the company and maybe deemed useful to competitors when exposed.
  3. The person has reason to keep it a secret. When a client has taken precautionary steps to keep everything disclosed, then the business is also bound to keep it as such. A person has its own reason to keep it confidential. Therefore, going against the wishes of its clients defies work ethics.

Therefore, using office supplies like report card jackets are ideal when releasing confidential documents. These are heavy-duty and can carry up to 32 lbs of paper. The thumb cut design also provides easy insertion and retrieval of materials while maintaining privacy.

Tips on Creating Permanent Lines on a White Board

A whiteboard is a helpful tool for organizing thoughts and schedules in the office. This office product is used for writing ideas when brainstorming or sharing valuable information. Others also use it as a calendar or a chart to put all the important events within a day or a week to keep organized. Thus, many find it useful for whiteboards to have permanent lines created by various office supplies including permanent markers.

Permanent lines on a whiteboard are very efficient when listing pending jobs, announcements and staff schedules. It keeps everything in order and avoids confusing busy employees by organizing thoughts and schedules they ought to follow.

Here are some office supplies that can be used in creating permanent lines on a whiteboard:

  • Permanent Markers. With a straightedge or yardstick, make straight and permanent lines using black or colored markers. Create thicker lines by applying the marker several times on the board. These markers will permanently stain the board and leave lines that cannot be washed off.
  • Electrical Tape. Another effective way is to use a colored electrical tape to create permanent lines on a white board. Since the tape is permanent, it cannot be wiped away by the eraser. However, the lines can be moved by replacing the tape so one can still reorganize the lines on the board.
  • Scoring. With the help of a metal straightedge or yardstick, one can also score the board with a razor to create parallel and permanent lines. Users can also apply permanent markers into the lines to make them more distinct.

These office supplies are truly helpful in creating an effective whiteboard for organizing thoughts and schedules. Remember to purchase high quality markers like the Avery Consumer Products permanent marker. This marker has a durable bullet tip that writes on almost any surface including cardboard, metal and plastic.

How to Do a Quick Inventory of Office Supplies?

Office supplies take a big chunk of monthly expenses in the workplace yet it cannot be cut back because these are vital in the overall business operation. In order to manage the flow of supplies, the management can come up with an inventory system. Actual count of supplies is the best way to do but it is tedious and time-consuming. Alternatively, the use of spreadsheets and clipboards to monitor the office supplies is a good approach.

If it is your first time to do an inventory on office supplies, the following steps will help ease the task at hand.

  1. Check the previous records.  It is important purchases made are recorded. An inventory always begins with the checking of supply records. Without it, expenses may just be thrown outbalanced. Not knowing which supplies are frequently purchased and which is constantly consumed will have you and your office supplies record at a loss.
  2. Separate supplies. Categorizing supplies helps the run-down easier and faster. Separate supplies like papers, printer supplies, fasteners and writing equipment. In bigger companies, using UPC codes or product numbers are basis for the inventory. 
  3. Record item and number available. If you are using software for your inventory; bring your laptop or computer with you. In smaller companies and those who need to walk around for recording, using spreadsheets in plastic clipboards are customary. 
  4. Take note of the frequency of orders. As mentioned, it is important to know which supply is frequently consumed as well as how long supplies can be delivered. This will give you the idea of when to order before office supplies are exhausted.
  5. Add notes for future orders. Controlling the number of supplies depends on the level of preorders. How fast the consummation of supply will give you the hint. This way, no supplies will be less or more.

Doing quick inventory of your office supplies has to be done constantly. Don’t forget to account your inventory to check your expenses. Once done, keep your spreadsheets in a durable clipboard in a secured cabinet for future use.

Other Types and Styles of Desk Organizers

Desk organizers improve efficiency and productivity in the workplace. A well-organized office proved to be efficient when employees can easily find everything they need without having to search every pile of office supplies. This means clients will not have to wait around while one looks for a pen or other items on a messy desk. Organizing office clutter not only helps the employees but the clients as well.

Office supplies like pens, pencils, papers, notes and all kinds of things on your desk should be arranged. There are practical and common items that you can use for organizing office clutter. Here are other types and styles of desk organizers that one can use in the office:

• Common office supplies can be used as organizers such as trays, cups and memo pads. They can be used to store pens and other small items. This will keep your desk looking neat and clutter free.

• Consider buying a desk drawer organizer to keep miscellaneous items at bay. Its sectioned-out trays will be very effective in sorting small items like thumbtacks or paper clips.

• Purchase trolleys and wall organizers. They serve as extensions of your desk organizers because these can be placed next to or under the desk as well as on the walls of cubicles or office.

Organizing office clutter is not hard to do if one uses the right products. The Rubbermaid desk organizer is perfect for the office with its versatile two-way organizer that holds letter and A4-size documents and folders. Its contemporary design allows for easy retrieval and can be placed vertically, horizontally, or hung on walls.

Alternative Uses for Magazine Holders

Many people think that organizing office clutter is a complicated task. However, it is actually very easy when one is resourceful enough in finding new uses for old things. For instance, magazine holders can be used in many ways to hold various things and other office supplies. This is a very effective method to reduce clutter and further promote organization in the workplace.

Magazine holders are not limited to organizing magazines. They can also be used to store many items and label them neatly for easy reference. The following are the product’s alternative uses in the office.

• User Manuals. Common electronic items in the workplace such as computers and printers are coupled with user manuals. Neatly organizing these manuals with the help of magazine holders can help employees discover advanced features of office machines easily.

• Travel Information. Information on planned vacations and business trips can also be easily accessed using this office supply. This avoids confusion or forgotten travel plans because one can just take pamphlets or brochures out of the holder and read them immediately.

• Special Greeting Cards. Keeping these special cards close and handy can stimulate good memories and inspiration to work. This office supply is not only for organizing office clutter but is also helpful in promoting motivation in the workplace.

Learning some of the alternative uses of this product definitely sheds a new light to organizing office clutter. This magazine holder is made of durable, corrugated cardboard to withstand daily use. Remember, label these containers to eliminate the need to search for items and efficiently access them when needed.

Accurate Merchandise Tracking Using Bill Of Lading Form

Delivering and receiving merchandise is one of the trickiest parts of a business’ operation, especially if the company relies on suppliers from many parts of the country or the world. Many companies have lost a large amount of money by simply sending or receiving goods by mistake. The only way to avoid this problem is through accurate merchandise tracking. Commonly used is a bill of lading. It is a document used by carriers to keep track of merchandise coming in and out. This also ensures that shipments and deliveries are successfully made.  Moreover, it serves as a valid guarantee to exporters or importers; and sometimes even used as collateral to trading transactions. That’s why it is important that one is knowledgeable with the many uses of a bill lading form.

On Board. This indicates that the merchandise is loaded on board of a shipping vessel or cargo plane.

Received-for-shipment . This implies that the merchandise was received by the carrier. However, this does not guarantee that the merchandise is already loaded and set for shipping or delivery.

Clean Bill. This states that the merchandise was received by the carrier in good condition and no problem occurred during its loading.

Foul Bill. This is the opposite of the clean bill of lading. This denotes that when it was received, the merchandise has already obtained damage.

For accurate merchandise tracking a bill of lading form is needed and must be studied carefully. Other forms have snap-off sets and carbonless white paper with easy to distinguish original copy in blue. Plus, hazardous material information is denoted in red. Even if you’re just waiting for an order of office supplies, it is still necessary that you keep track of it.

Organizing Ideas for Mobile Office

Everything should be accessible. This is the first rule when organizing your mobile office. Your car is your workplace. Thus, everything you need should be available. Since you have a limited space in the car, it is necessary to maximize the area by placing only the essentials. 

What You Can do
Set up mobile electronics. Include a laptop and mobile phone. These devices are important for communicating and organizing work-related transactions. Cloud-based gadgets can also be added. These will come in handy during virtual conferences with the clients or company employees. Additionally, a GPS can be installed to assist you when you are unfamiliar with the location you are heading.

Use an organizer bag. Admit it; there are just a lot of files, tabs, notes, phone numbers and bank statements that should be put in one place. A file organizer that you could carry around is very essential. Other than your electronic equipment (laptop and mobile phone), it is the most important companion you have when dealing businesses; since it carries important documents and presentations. Office products such as a planner or organizer to set up appointments are also indispensable.

Your mobile office should function likely with your permanent office. It should not limit you will all the activities and transactions you would have to deal with. However, you must ensure that your mobile office space is organized because the area is limited. Manage your electronics and use a handy but sturdy  file organizer to keep all portfolios and paperwork in place.

How to Boost Office Design Ideas with a Desk Organizer?

An office speaks for the person who occupies it. That is why maintaining its sleek and attractive ambient is necessary in order to make a good impression to clients.  Nothing makes an office even better looking than when it is clean and tidy. Boosting office design ideas is very important because a cluttered office would make clients think that you are unorganized and unreliable when it comes to transactions. 

A good way to keep things in order is by purchasing a reliable and stylish desk organizer. It is a great product to maintain the tidiness of your office supplies and arrange them in order of usefulness. 

The 3M Commercial Office Supply Div. Desk Organizer  is ideal for this particular function. The following are its amazing features:

Sleek Design. This organizer has a one of a kind look that makes it really good in any office. Its round design makes it very practical to fit in any office desk. Its dark pastel like color is pretty stylish and trendy, which makes it perfect for the entire look of your office.

Rotational. Most office supplies are focused on a particular function and are not versatile enough to cater to your every need. However, this desk organizer does not only keep everything in place, but also rotates 360 degrees on a nonskid bottom. This makes everything easily accessible within your reach without scouring the entire organizer and eliminating the risk of knocking it over and making a mess. 

Assorted Compartments.  This organizer is very practical because it features vertical and horizontal compartments that offer spaces for writing utensils, paper clips and notes. It caters the necessary office supplies so nothing will be out of place.

Definitely, this organizer will boost your office design ideas and leave your clients with the right impression.

Clear Desk Clutter with Drawer Organizer Carts

Document clutter in any workstation is one thing. Keeping it neat and orderly is another thing. Clutter is expected while working and being organized afterwards can only be possible with the addition of a mobile drawer organizer cart.

Clutter is understandable. But leaving the workstation in this state of disarray is not! Only a mobile organizer cart can therefore tidy up the workstation. Clearing the clutter normally starts with bare bones organization, wherein loose documents are arranged and similar transactions are bound together. Transactions occurring with the same dates are kept in file folders. To clear the workstation, folders are stored in a handy drawer organizer cart.

Organizer carts are made-up of ten drawers piled one on top of the other. Physically it looks like a tower of filed documents ten levels high. With this much storage capacity any clutter can be handled easily.  Drawer organizer carts are not rigid and stationary, but are provided with swivel casters for convenient mobility. However the double locking mechanism built into the casters can render the cart immobile and stationary. High-end metallic rails and knobs complete the physical appearance.
Personnel can pull the drawer organizer cart as near as possible to where the action is. If what is contained are generic files, it then can be moved from one workstation to the next. Moreover, it can be placed on a corner that is still accessible to the workstation. There is no limit to what one can do with a mobile drawer organizer cart. Storage capacity is substantial with each drawer measuring 14 ½” x 10 1/2” x 2 3/4”.
Remember to always include a drawer organizer cart in your office supplies. This mobile clutter cleaner can resolve any mess in your workstation.