Easy Bookkeeping Tips for New Entrepreneurs

Bookkeeping is a must in business no matter how small or big it is. Not only does it makes financial control easier, but it is also a legal requirement for assessment. Accounts, expenses and transactions must be recorded to enable entrepreneurs to keep track of their businesses. If you just opened your own  business, basic accounting and bookkeeping is important to learn. With the help of some handy office supplies like the business check register book, you will soon learn basic and easy bookkeeping tips.

Major expenses must be planned ahead.  Budget or capital is very important for any business venture. And having a clear plan of your projects and plans will give you a better overview of your possible expenses. This way, you are more prepared with what you need such as loans. Or, you can give better consideration of incoming business opportunities.

Keep track of your expenses. Keeping an audit trail will help you identify all your expenses. It is a numeric arrangement of all checks and invoices you had. Everything you buy, sell and spent must written in numeric order without skipping. The business check register book features include a page for supplementary description and itemized details. Using this, categorizing items and expenses is easier.

Be mindful of your deposits. Recording your deposits correctly is crucial especially on the end of the fiscal year. Losing track of your deposits may lead to erroneous auditing for profit and loss. To avoid this, make sure that your bank statements and cash books are the same. Record every orders, interest and charges in your business check register book. Take into account any uncleared checks and deposits when calculating and adjusting your bank balance.

Keep a tab of your tax and payments. Getting caught in payment due dates can throw your cashflow off balance. Allot budget for paying your taxes, loans and other payments. This way, outstanding penalties and interests can be avoided.

Bookkeeping is a method every entrepreneur should know. And with the bookkeeping tips above and the use of business check register book it should be an easy feat. Available in many wholesale office supply stores, this office supply is an important lifeline of your business.

Why Use A Spring Binder for Presentation Documents?

Bookbinding is a great way to secure files and documents for a long time. Reports, presentations, contracts and other paperwork are the usual things that employees need to submit daily, weekly, monthly and annually. Grueling research and all- nighters are spent just to make them. Presentation of new strategies and meetings are crucial events in the workplace. High-ranking officials and clients are there.  That’s why it is important that papers and data are well-kept and protected before and after presentation. Using a spring binder for such important documents is a great way to do this.

The papers are unpunched. So it is easier to put in or pull out the documents as you wish. Any arrangements and organizing would not take a lot of time. In addition, you no longer have to punch papers; which, if not done properly could destroy the neatness and appearance of the entire paper.
 It has a high-tension spine clamp to securely hold the papers inside. Spring binders come in different variations and thickness; especially the clamp. So you can choose your binder depending on the thickness or number of your paperwork. Presenting of your documents is much more attractive since papers are well-arranged and covered in a professional looking way. The leatherette cover also offers a more attractive and durable protection to the documents.

Using a spring binder makes any reports and presentation easier to organize without compromising its protective cover and appearance. Now you can present, report and submit any paperwork without worries.

Biodegradable Packing Peanuts – History, Usage and Environmental Benefits

Organization is key when sorting bank statements, transaction receipts and other financial documents. Whether documents are archived for personal consumption or for office use, an orderly filing system should help make its retrieval for future reference much easier.

Companies have always provided safeguards to prevent damage to fragile merchandise during shipment.  Protection against damage is already infused when packing merchandise. Should there be any flaw in cargo handling the packing material can prevent the irreparable damage to the merchandise.

How are merchandise protected against mishandling during shipping?

Cushioning materials are added into packaging to reduce the possibility of damage while the merchandise is in transit. Different kinds of materials have been experimented on, starting with newspapers to actual peanuts and finally today Styrofoam packing peanuts – courtesy of Dow Chemicals Co. Styrofoam is actually a generic name for expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam. The material is 98% air and molded into proprietary shape to maximize cushioning capability and increase stability.

What are packing peanuts?

The name may have been derived from the natural peanuts used as packaging material in the past. Packing peanuts are loose-fill, mailroom supplies packaging and cushioning material that absorbs the impact of cargo handling and prevents damage to the merchandise. Originally introduced in 1965, packing peanuts became the most depended upon form of packaging material. In fact, the use of EPS packaging increased to around 206 million pounds at the end of 2010. This is based on data obtained from the Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers or AFPR.

What are biodegradable packing peanuts?

Instead of petroleum-based polystyrene, natural starch has been used as the raw material for biodegradable packing peanuts. The development of the biodegradable type was inspired by the World’s dependence on EPS foam. Too much use of EPS foam triggered a backlash in the environmental effort to quash trash. Although around 72 million pounds of EPS foam waste have been recycled the previous year, the effort is still way, way short of the production levels. Thus manufacturers curbed efforts to produce oil-based polystyrene and shifted preference to starch-based packing peanuts. The new wholesale office supplies packing material is now biodegradable, but more expensive than the petroleum-based EPS foam.

Are biodegradable packing peanuts environment friendly?

When it comes to showing concerns to the environment the use of starch-based packing material is the best option. Most are directly developed from sorghum and corn starch. Being biodegradable, users no longer need to collect and send used packing materials to recycling facilities. Actually this type of material dissolves in water. In fact, users can dispose it along with domestic waste or discard it into the backyard compost pit. Typically, biodegradable packing peanuts are produced with the green color to distinguish it from polystyrene foam.

Next time you open up tightly packed goods do not be surprised if the packing peanut is green. The packing company is simply environment conscious and relies on biodegradable products to prevent damage to the goods during shipment. 

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Why Is A Contractor’s Invoice Essential?

Proper invoicing system is a critical element in a contracting business. It details the direction the business is moving. And profoundly speak volumes about the financial health.

What is in an invoice? Aside from the Company name, an invoice details the work already performed in a contract. It is the form of a billing statement to collect payment as stipulated in an agreement. This is typically applicable for large projects, where the contractor submits invoices for periodic collection of fees. This arrangement is crucial as it determines faithfully what is due to the contractor.

The business’ financial health is all that matters. A contractor’s invoice actually tracks-down the financial aspect of the agreement. It involves datum about: (1) services performed: (2) the equivalent monetary value: (3) what is due for the period: and (4) sustaining balance. Everything must be laid down clearly to avoid confusion and speed-up settlement of what is already due.

Systematic invoicing procedure is ideal. Business forms like invoices streamline the collection process. Most agreements follow periodic billing procedure. It is the obligation of the contractor to present a clear and concise invoice. Not just for collection but also to give a preview of what part of the agreement has already been accomplished.

It ensures that not a thing is overlooked in a contract.  An agreement stipulates all phases, how the work must be performed and the corresponding schedule for payment.  A detailed invoice ensures that not a thing in an agreement is overlooked. Work is performed and payment is extended without delay. Any form of disagreement is avoided.

Remember that a contractor’s invoice is essential in any contract. Always get a set from the wholesale office supply before starting with a contract.

Effective Payroll Handling Tips for Small Businesses

If you are a new owner of a small business, then you should know that keeping your finances stable is very crucial. Bookkeeping and also payroll handling are two important things in managing your business. Payroll is easy enough to understand. It is the total amount paid by an employer to the employee. However, underneath the numbers is a grueling process and method every entrepreneur must understand and learn. But with the use payroll books, things are made easier. So here are the basic tips that you need to learn about payroll handling.

Be aware of your responsibilities as an employer. Payroll handling is more than just paying a sum of money. It also has rules and legalities to follow on the federal state and local laws. Tax, social security, Medicare and other compensations should be taken into account when making payroll. The employer must be aware of the required amount of these to know how much should be taken from the employees’ payments.

Invest on payroll software.  Even if it is just a small business, errors can be made when doing payroll yourself. For accurate results and convenient handling, there is software available for you to use. Quickbook is a popular one used my many entrepreneurs. Packed with payroll and modules, it is easy to operate and understand. But if you can do it yourself, payroll books is all you need.

Ask for complete employees’ information. Have your employees fill in and submit necessary forms for their compensations. Clear records of their status make handling of their payments easier and more efficient.

Pay what is due. Payment must be given without delay and discrepancies if possible. The same goes with their compensations and incentives. Once you are done with all the payment process, payroll handling is also complete.

Payroll handling is a recurring process an entrepreneur must face constantly. Using the tips above, it will make the process smoother. If you have no budget for a software or an accountant, an office supply such as payroll books can be handy.

Why Use A Storage Clipboard for Keeping Sensitive Information?

Choosing the right office product can be a little tricky. They have to be useful in increasing productivity; if not regulate work flow. But perhaps protecting and keeping sensitive information needs the most reliable and durable product such as a storage clipboard. Found in many wholesale office supply store, it comes in many variations, designs and colors. But of many products, why use a storage clipboard for keeping sensitive information? Below are just some of the reasons.

It provides better security – Unlike other types of clipboard, the storage type comes with a keylock. In addition, it does not only secure the documents from the outside, but also from inside. Storage clipboard features include high-tension clip for holding documents on front, interior belts with hook-and-loop closure to prevent the papers from moving around and disorganizing during travel.

Documents and other belongings are organized – You don’t have to worry if your documents are a little bulky, because the roomy internal storage compartment can accommodate documents just fine. Other belongings such as pens, organizers, and other office supplies can be kept inside the mesh organizer pockets. In addition, it has key hole on the back enables to allow users to hang them on the wall. So you no longer have to put them on the ground and risk scratches.

It is durable – Made of chrome steel-reinforced corners and aluminum trim the storage clipboard offers durable and solid protection to whatever stored inside. It also has a shoulder strap to make it more comfortable and easier to carry around.

Using storage clipboard for storing sensitive information does not only offer protection, it also offers great features in an affordable price.

Using Booklet Envelope for Mailing High Volume Documents

There is really that time of the month or year when everyone in the office is just dead busy. During the end of the fiscal year, taxation period and even on the end of the month, endless reports have to be made and sent to officers, management and clients. This is a crucial time when no document has to be missed or a single detail left out. However, sending out and mailing volumes after volumes of papers can be troublesome. An office supply such as a booklet envelope becomes handy in this situation. They make mailing of high volume documents easier and in one go.

•    The envelope is durable and made of 24lb white wove material. So you wouldn’t have to worry about it getting ripped even if you inserted a hundred of papers inside. The paper is also gummed seal, so a quick lick or applying a little moisture will do the sealing effectively.

•    The width of 6”x9” also gives you enough space to insert not only documents, but also catalogues, direct mails, brochures and other promotional materials. This office supply is all-purpose.

•    Open side construction makes it easier for inserting and retrieval of materials inside the envelope. Its white color also allows users to clearly label and print the surface with the name and address of the recipient. In addition, it gives out a professional look while keeping confidentiality.

Remember, when you need to send out high volume documents, using booklet envelope is more convenient.