Display Books Hold the Edge in One-on-One Presentations

Successful marketing strategies include one-on-one client presentations. In this situation, display books are relied upon to deliver and make the sale.

There are many avenues to make a successful sale. But none is more compelling than a one-on-one. It seems personal sale pitches have never waned in importance. Thus, businesses’ representation expenses are fully exploited to make the one-on-one meeting possible. This scenario is particularly applicable to high-level negotiations, where success could mean the awarding of the sales contract. Only a well-stashed display book is ably to assist a negotiation of this magnitude.

A display book is a compilation of handy pocket easelsthat holds the marketing materials needed for the presentation. This office product is provided with clear pockets capable of two marketing materials held back-to-back. Most display books contain atleast 20 pockets. Marketing materials are organized to the degree complementing the presentation sequences. So during presentations, each pocket is shown one after the other. It offers convenience to the one making the presentation, and less hassle to the client.
Each pocket in a display book is glass clear and securely attached to the spine. The material of choice is usually 800-micron thick polypropylene for the cover. This is important to protect and keep the materials stacked inside. It likewise includes a hard wearing surface to resist most cleaning processes. Overall, the display book is slim and lightweight for portability in transport or storage. Additionally, the outside front cover is designed with a clear pocket for the business card.

Remember, only a well prepared display book can hold the edge in one-on-one client presentations.