Uses of Press–on Vinyl Envelopes

Press-on vinyl envelopes are made of clear and high quality pockets, pouches and holders with self-adhesive backs that can be use for many purposes. These come in 2 types – sewn and heat sealed. The sewn type is durable and tear-resistant. It is heavy-duty with its industrial stitching around the edges. The heat sealed on the other hand has closed three edges using heat to seal the rim. Both of these types are water-resistant and provide clear visibility of inserted materials. The self-adhesive backs allow users to stick these wholesale office supplies on any smooth flat surface.

Common uses of Press–on Vinyl Envelopes

Price lists – Vinyl envelopes are ideal for warehouses and grocery store racks. Simply write down the product prices on a specific rack and insert the list in the envelope.  Now, buyers can easily refer to the list to check on the prices. 
Filed documents – Archive documents are difficult to find especially when the storage room is packed. Documents in filing cabinets are also numerous and will require time and effort to look into folders just to find the specific document. Using the envelopes, you can write down the names of the files in alphabetical order and stick them on each filing cabinet or storage box.

Tote bins and containers – In shipping, tote bins and large containers are used to keep volumes of items. This makes it hard for people to track the inventory.  But much time can be saved if containers have identifications stuck outside the lids. And much easier if supporting documents are attached. Using the envelope, these could be done with ease.

Press-on vinyl envelopes are must-have office supply to make identification of objects much easier.