Organizing Manuals Using Binding Method

An office desk is an important office furniture. Sending in and out of paperwork and other workloads are happening here everyday. That is why keeping it organize and clutter-free is essential. Setting up the usual supplies like pens and pencils in a holder and keeping the input and output trays for documents and reports do the tricks for efficient workflow. However, how do you organize things that you seldom use in the office but important to keep? Instruction manuals are relevant in the office especially for troubleshooting software and equipment; although they are not as often used. Organized instruction manuals can be of great help when the time comes. And there are 2 ways of keeping them in good condition.  (1) Using a filing cabinet or a box. (2) The binding method. If your office is small or you have no space in a cabinet or box, then the binding method is as effective in keeping them in place. Here are the steps of binding manuals using a top load sheet protector.

1.    Pile up all the instruction manuals you need or have on your desk.

2.    Categorize them depending on your preference. For instance, computer and printer manuals should be together; or projectors and audio systems.

3.    Insert the manuals in the top load sheet protector. Make sure that there are more rooms for additional sheets in case you need them in the future. If the manuals are too thick, you can use more than one protector.

4.    Label each binder with the name of the manuals for easy reference.

5.    Keep them in your desk drawer or any convenient place where you can easily take them out when needed.

Organizing instructions manuals in the office using the binding method become handier in times of need. And with the use of an office product like a top load sheet protector, your manuals will even last longer.