Effective Ways on Document Archiving

Advanced technology has helped businesses in keeping soft copies of mails and documents. Yet, it is still impossible to avoid having hard copies because of paperwork that needs to be dealt with. Confidential files and other important information must be kept as archive for future references (solid proof of transactions). However, not all documents fall on this category and unless managed correctly, stacks of this paper will accumulate overtime. This is where an effective document archiving should be implemented.

Date- based
Keeping and tracking of documents using dates is easier than any other methods. It categorizes documents according to the date it was created and will be rendered void. Documents of these types are usually contracts, daily reports, evaluations and employment records. These documents are made with limited time frame. Thus, it is easier to distinguish which is active and inactive.

Take out Duplicates
Most documents have duplicates. Before archiving, make sure to remove the duplicates. These duplicates can be recycled to increase paper supply. Removal of duplicate documents also saves more space in the folder and storage room.

Frequency of retrieval
Search time can be saved if you know which documents are often retrieved. When storing, make sure that the documents frequently used are accessible.  The ones that are seldom used should be kept in amore durable folder or case.

Document archiving is a constant task in many establishments and businesses. Thus, it is important that these are kept properly and safely. Use of classification folders especially on bulky papers such as medical records, mortgage and client’s credential are really handy.


Why Use A Write-On Cling Sheet During Meetings And Presentations?

Before meetings and presentations, employees take hours and even days preparing for content and visual aids. While some put reports and important information on slides for a Powerpoint presentation, there are still few who prefer the traditional manner – writing details on paper-like materials. Although it is convenient to simply put up a slideshow, some employees refuse to use the idea because it does not match the aesthetic appeal of a report presented in the traditional approach.

It is given that the traditional form of presentation will never be overlooked. Thus, wholesale office supplies like markers and paper-like materials will always be around and made available at all times. Yet, an upgrade to the conventional office supplies is available today. Instead of using paper-like materials as a writing mode, a write-on cling sheet can be a good replacement.

What is a write-on cling sheet? A write-on cling sheet is a reusable perforated poly sheet that sticks on most dry surfaces like walls and boards. It even fits standard easels, flip charts and conference cabinets. Writing instruments used on the cling-on sheets vary from dry erasable markers and washable or permanent markers. As an added convenience, the markings can be wiped off and the cling-on sheet can be reused for the next meeting. Furthermore, it does not take much space when not in use because in can be rolled up.

Aside from the cling sheet features, business opting to use this wholesale office supply will save much. There is no need to buy rolls of paper-like materials and the use of tape to stick the supply is eliminated.

The great features coupled with savings earned are the basic sell-out of the write-on cling sheet.

Importance of an ID Card Reel Belt Clip

Every job requires employees to wear identification cards. This is mandatory for employment to determine whether you truly work for that company. It must be worn and should be visible at all times for employee security purposes such as getting through parking gates and doors. Thus, users need an ID card reel belt clip to facilitate easy access to office card readers.

Identification cards range from magnetic or smart key cards or a strapped badge with a photo and name. Companies often issue card reels to employees; however, these office products are mostly not long enough or of low quality. Thus, one needs a reliable ID card reel belt clip that can be attached to a belt loop and give users the extra reach.

The following are the importance of using this office product in employee security and convenience:

  • Users have the ability to keep their ID cards clipped to their belts. This office product is a great alternative to the traditional ID strap that is worn around the neck. The ID card reel belt clip allows the users to punch the clock in or out using the ID card without having to unclip it. This offers great convenience especially when one has the need to swipe a card reader machine mounted on the wall so frequently.

    • It is able to hold not just access cards but also office keys. The cord is long enough to allow using it even if the holder is attached to rear pockets. In addition, the spring mechanism works perfectly for hassle-free retractions.


      • The ID card reel belt clip securely hooks onto clothing, backpacks or purses. Thus, users can carry and attach it almost anywhere.

      Employee security is of utmost importance to offices and companies. That is why ID cards are necessary to determine one’s identity to access the building. For added convenience, use Baumgartens ID card reel belt clip. This office product is retractable and extends 30″ for easy scanning or swiping of cards.

      Environmental Benefits of Sugarcane Paper

      Sugarcane like wheat, rice, corn and other forage crops is economically important. It produces dozens of products mostly in human food industries. Sugar, ethanol and vinegar are just some of the sugarcane by-products that we regularly consume. In fact, it the world’s largest produce crop. Perhaps it is due to the increasing demand for sugar in many parts of the world. For years, another sugarcane product is pushed through the market as a green alternative to paper. The sugarcane paper has made its way to the market and has started to gain popularity in many business set ups. This office supply is multi-purpose and produces great print results of text and images. However, other than its uses, sugarcane paper offers even more environmental benefits.

      Tree-less paper

      It takes millions of trees to produce a ton of paper. This process eventually leads to deforestation and other calamities. Sugarcane paper however is equivalent to tree-less paper production. It comes from the waste products of sugar cane farming. This means that no single tree has been cut during the process.

      Biodegradable and fully recyclable

      Although other papers are biodegradable and recyclable, these are unlike the ones made out of sugarcane. Since it is made of sugarcane fiber, it biodegrades faster than any regular paper.  It is also recyclable; but isn’t the whole process of producing this paper entirely recycling already?

      Less pollution

      The sugarcane fiber requires lesser energy and materials to be turned into paper. Recycling sugarcane wastes into paper also saves wastes from being burned, which is natural to all crop wastes. Thus, it prevents another possible gas air pollutant.  Using Sugarcane paper as part of your office supply is not only beneficial to your work but also to the environment.

      Different types of Vellum Paper for Different Uses

      Vellum paper is a modern replacement for the traditional piece that was made of animal skin. Today, it is developed through plasticized cotton but has the same appearance and texture of the traditional vellum. Vellum paper has many different uses and is utilized by different people in school, office, construction sites and other businesses. However, you can’t just use any vellum paper for your need. The use is dependent on ones need or specificity in type, size and paper style.

      Crafting – In schools, vellum is use to teach middle school and high school students in basic sketching techniques. Its thin and translucent quality is also ideal for tracing images from books and other materials. These traces are later use for crafting.

      Drafting – Architects and engineers use vellum for layouts, blue prints and other drawings. Some businesses also use this paper to draw their office floor plans. Homeowners utilize this paper for kitchen layout and remodeling. Vellum pads with grid and Vellum title block pad are commonly used in this area.

      Printing – Vellum is also an important office supply. These are use to print using inkjets and laser printers, planners, and xerographic plotters. However, drafting vellum paper is not made to be printed on. In fact, vellum for inkjet and laser printers or plotters has specific and special coating for each use. The paper use for printing is usually in rolls, sheets and pads that has no grid or preprinted.

      Vellum paper has many uses and types. Therefore, it is important to know which one to buy for your need. If you are drafting temporary of final engineering or architectural drawings, then Vellum title block pad is ideal. It is preprinted and formatted so any information about the plans can be written on the same paper.

      Using Report Card Jackets for Confidential Document Releases

      Few documents and reports in the office are considered confidential. This means that only a handful of employees are allowed to have access on said files. Restricted company files include client accounts, bank transactions, insurance, employee profile, and medical records. These files are often inserted in report card jackets when released to keep its contents away from unauthorized personnel.

      Three Reasons why a File is Considered Confidential

      1. The information must be kept secret. Bank statements or medical results should only be accessed by concerned parties. Work etiquette requires that these records are released only to authorized personnel. You might have noticed that when you took medical files in the hospital, the file was enclosed in a report card jacket.
      2. It has significant commercial value to be kept a secret. Other than monetary amount for investments, there are also other things that may affect a business’ sales and profits. Customers names, addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers are not meant to be disclosed. Also, the “secret recipe” of a company should remain classified. These things are integral to the company and maybe deemed useful to competitors when exposed.
      3. The person has reason to keep it a secret. When a client has taken precautionary steps to keep everything disclosed, then the business is also bound to keep it as such. A person has its own reason to keep it confidential. Therefore, going against the wishes of its clients defies work ethics.

      Therefore, using office supplies like report card jackets are ideal when releasing confidential documents. These are heavy-duty and can carry up to 32 lbs of paper. The thumb cut design also provides easy insertion and retrieval of materials while maintaining privacy.

      Organized Filing and Document Storage Using a Clearvue binder

      Binder is a heavy-duty school and office supply. It can keep thicker volumes of documents intact, which makes it ideal for organizing different kinds of files. However, not all binders are appropriate for document storage. Some are prone to cracks, tears or splits. The office is a place where stacks after stacks of archives are kept. To keep important business records from decaying, clearvue binders are usually used. 

      Non-stick property. Due to humid and temperature changes, some inserted documents and photos especially inserted in plastics tend to stick on the cover. This accelerates the deterioration of product quality. Clearvue binder on the other hand is made of materials that extend the cover’s life. Thus, prevents any inserted materials from sticking.

      Split and Tear-resistant. The office supply components are far stronger than binders made out of vinyl and plastic. Therefore, do not expect to see its seam split, or its hinge tear.

      Cold-crack tested – Heat damages files, and so does cold. Storing materials and archives requires proper control of temperature. However, not all businesses can afford such equipment. Fortunately, this type of binder is not only tear –resistant, but also resists cracks. It was cold-crack tested on an extreme temperature of negative 50 degrees Fahrenheit (-45 degrees Celsius) and was still able to hold.

      Holds 25% more materials than the usual – With a size of 11″x8-1/2″, there is no question why can hold more number of materials compared to others. What makes it also possible is its locking slant-D shaped rings feature.

      The features mentioned above is what makes the Clearvue binder an ideal office supply not only for organizing files but also  materials storage.